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Here is the link to the official phonics position paper I wrote for the International Literacy Association.…  » read more


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Here's a recent blog posting: Bringing Back Some Teacher Control to Reading Instruction.…  » read more

This Week's Must-Read: September 4, 2013

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Every once in a while you pick up a new picture book and instantly know it will become a classic. This is how I felt when I discovered TAP THE MAGIC TREE at my local bookstore. With simple text and il…  » read more


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Listen to this boy read one of my books!    …  » read more

Helpful articles and videos about phonics

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Here are some helpful articles and videos about phonics . . . "Wiley Answers the Tough Questions!" — Transcripts Teaching Phonics with Wiley Blevins FAQ about Phoni…  » read more

Phonics: Ten Important Research Findings

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(download a PDF of this this article) Countless research studies have been conducted on phonics instruction. Much of this research has focused on the usefulness of phonics instruction and the best wa…  » read more

Q: I have a lot of English language learners in my classroom. What can I do to help them?

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A: I have been working with English learners since my first year teaching at an international school in South America. Most recently, I created an English Language Development program for McGraw-Hill …  » read more

Q: I know teaching my child the alphabet is important for preparing for school. What else can I do?

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A: Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary! Load your child’s daily experiences with language. Don’t hold back. Use sophisticated language for concepts your child knows. For example, you might …  » read more

Favorite Websites

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Here are some of my favorite websites . . . Scholastic (for Parents): Scholastic (for Teachers): Reading Rockets (for…  » read more